Our pathway

Our pathway is shaped by a fundamental understanding- the emerging global marketplace needs a virtual reach and to achieve that consistently, you need an ally. One whom you can trust, share your aspirations and grow your business. We are with you on this and more. With one mandatory attached though… integrity and ethics govern our relationships.

Opportunity discovery & potential mapping

The first step in our pathway is to sit down and learn about you. Your potential markets, products, competitive advantages and the present strategies. To that, we will add and wherever necessary bring to the table our understanding of the market place (etailing / ecommerce) and connect you to the potential opportunity.

Our desire is to know you, your business drivers so that we are able to create a viable blueprint for a ‘business relay’.

Relay platform and connection planning

Using what we have learnt about you, your business and goals, we will formulate the blueprint. Get down to the details and clearly articulate the executable and to do actions. This step involves exchanging catalogues, prices, policies and the overall method of servicing the sale and creating the connection (you and us, you and customer).

A business practice, an opportunity for integration and monetizing on our experience

Irelays can also be viewed as your chosen business practice. Apart from connecting your businesses to businesses, we are also a smart tool to prise open new markets and expand your reach. This would require a close working and integration of the displayed assets and the MIS. This would in turn help you stay informed, updated and customer ready across the global markets. Both aspects, which we offer as, key benefits of your association with Irelays – manifold reach and expansive product offerings, can actually be vital ingredients in your business expansion.

Unique, focused and action-driven
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