One triangle.

three sides

Reseller – side 1

Resellers & Internet Retailers who want to grow their businesses will find in Irelays a one-stop shop solution. They get to show an international catalog with 180+ countries and earn handsome margins without having to expose their customer to Irelays, unlike in the traditional online affiliate selling.

A simple integration of state-of-the-art, customizable API of Irelays, will get them access to the complete global gift catalog. All that resellers have to focus on reselling the gifts in the catalog to their customers and send the delivery details to Irelays, for them to take care of the rest until the gift is delivered to the recipient through its vast global delivery network.

Partner – side 2

Partners come on board with a free sign up. No membership or annual fees. All that the partners have to do is to share their gift catalog or quote their prices for gifts on the Irelays catalog. Irelays will get the gifts from the catalog sold through its global reseller network, forward the details of the recipient for delivery in the partner’s delivery zone. The partners will make sure the gift order is delivered to satisfaction of the first mile customer and the end consumer.

Us-irelays – side 3

Irelays – imagine it as your connector, like a roving beacon from a lighthouse. As a Reseller or a Partner, your footprint and awareness of the global gifting market will grow with manifold relevance. Irelays helps expand your international reach.┬áSimply put, more customers across more geographies.

In all our interactions and transactions, efficiency and ethics are our handmaidens for success as your business gets connected to more global businesses, which means extended foot print, enriched learning and much more. Customer focus is in the DNA of Irelays, which makes them help you to get the best that suits your market needs.

Partnerships with advantages
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