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A Leading Player in USA

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The client
Irelays enabled a leading player in the online gifting industry in USA diversify its delivery services of a wide variety of gifting products from 15 countries to 180 countries.

The need
Our client was a leading gifting company within USA and provided delivery services to a few other countries and had targeted to diversify its delivery services to more than 180 countries with a strong and reliable suppliers’ network that would provide the same quality of customer service as it had been in their previous countries of operations.

The solution
Irelays with its large network of partners and resellers provided a readymade solution for the client that was in alignment with their value propositions to their customers. To ensure a consistent service to the client’s global customers, we conducted a market analysis to understand patterns of customer behavior and their varied interests in the different products in our catalog. Our production merchandising team along with the marketing team matched the results of the analysis with the client’s value propositions and came up with the ideal product catalog for the client.

The second measure was to find reliable suppliers, for all the decided products in the catalog, which our suppliers’ management team recruited and went live within the targeted time. With a readily functioning active delivery network and an expert supply chain management team to ensure efficient functioning of delivery and order fulfillment, we instantly deployed the necessary processes in place to enable the diversification of services.

We also ensured that we improve the client’s offerings to their customers in all the new countries by consistently increasing the breadth and depth of the product lines. In addition to these, the service delivery – including efficiency in delivery and customer service – was consistently improved and contributed to an annual “repeat customers” rate of 35%.

The outcome
Our client was able to expand successfully to the targeted countries without the risk and pain of establishing dedicated management teams for suppliers’ management and rather focus on investing time and money on marketing to acquire more customers. The diversification saw the client increase their sales revenue by more than 60% within one year without an iota of investment for establishing a global delivery network.

Efficiency, ethics and responsiveness are at the heart of everything we do.
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