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A Gift Delivery Netwok

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The clientIrelays assisted a national supplier of flowers and gifts in Philippines and made them increase their revenue by multiple-folds by inducting them into the Irelays partner network.

The needOur client had a stronghold in flower and gift delivery in its own market and established a name for itself through efficient delivery and excellent customer service but the orders for delivery were limited to within the country of operations. The need was for a partner or a network which will make orders from around the world flowing into their delivery network.

The solutionThe solution to the client’s problem was mutually beneficial for both Irelays and the client. We inducted the client as a part of its growing partners’ network and included a limited array of their products in our catalog which our own reseller’s network will make use of. At the same time, our client also made sure that their own network of local suppliers and delivery partners will procure and design the products in our catalog for their countries of operations. This enabled an increase in the number of orders flowing into our clients’ system. Our resellers’ need for delivery in these countries was also fulfilled by this action.

The outcomeAfter going global through Irelays, the client saw an increase of 60% in overall sales for the year primarily because of the international orders that we forwarded via our network.

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